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Just because you live in Unity doesn't mean you aren't a bigot

2008-06-25 17:11:11 by Bossmanreject

Well, Sir Carlin is dead, and I don't think anyone could replace the gaping wound that is left. Who knows, it could be you that will fill the hole like so many "jons" stuffing their fat man-hoods into so many useless prostitutes...but I don't think so because you are not funny and you have no real grasp of the English language.

On another note, this will be my 100th post, which means nothing to you, and less to me. If it makes you feel better, I've become a little flabby from too many beers/working at a desk, and when I fuck my lady I wheeze. Rather lame, this I know, but no worries, I fluxuate from healthy to tubby rather regularly so I'll bounce back.

Enough with the brute honesty, how about some lies then?

I have made my pictures "unviewable" and i don't know how to change it back. I have been crying in my coffee all morning. That also reminds me on useless conversations from friends that does nothing but put way too much pressure on me. An example of that is when a friend of yours says (without provocation) "Dude, I need to talk to you, I can't do it over the phone, can you come over," or some other lame bullshit like that. It is selfish and wrong to just assume that you can unload your baggage on another person with whom you consider friend without permission. Worse yet, you are having a fairly decent day, let's say it's Saturday, and you just got done making eggs while recieving a blow job (at the same time), then you decide to go online to play games or something, but you go to check your e-mail and suddenly you get an e-mail about some useless crap (i.e. a mass e-mail about how sad it is when little children get hungry after watching barney) which doesn't ruin your day, but just interrupted the rhythem of awsomeness that was, but no longer, your morning.

Fuck People, and to a slightly lesser degree, fuck friends. They are just leeches that want nothing more then to fuck your girlfriend, steal your money and ideas, insult your intelligence, suck your time from you, and complicate the ever-so-simple process that is living while at the same time desperatly trying to rationlize what they are doing by accusing you, from time to time, of being a bad friend.

Oh, and ladies, if you have a friend who is a guy, they want nothing more then to violate your future (or current/past) baby apartment, no matter what they say, or do, who they are with, or how you rationalize (oh, he is just a friend and he's just being funny; he doesn't want to sleep with me, he has a girlfriend). That is how and what it is, even if you are ugly or fat they will fuck you at any moments notice if you give them the chance. That's why guys have lady friends, escpecially if they are with another broad. They have you as a hopeful back-up in case their current fuck-puppet breaks down (or whatever pet name they are given, don't steal that one it's mine). As for me ladies...I'm not your friend. I never have lady friends, it doesn't happen because women piss me off too much. I may talk to you, and I may appear to be your friend, but I can't have women friends because I'm not a good friend and eventually you will hate me and I you. Ask Cassie, she's a cool person and I treated her like shit. It's the sad truth, but that is life. Also, if I have fucked you before and I talk to you still, think about why, I'm sure you will know why.

Except you of are cool


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2008-06-25 17:12:46

this was copied from another place I post shit on...I just thought it was cool