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You want something Happy? Here you go


In the quiet town of Justice, where fresh baked apple pies have many window sills to cool, lies a small pet shop with a kind and gentle owner. Inside this quaint shop resides many kittens mewing in the sunlight, fishes from gold to tetra swimming happily, birds whose beautiful songs seem to bless the glorious day, and many cute little puppies who just love to play and to frolic. Every morning and night the animals are fed promptly and never go wanting. Though deep in the eyes of every kitten and puppy lies the hope that soon they will find a loving family to love them and take care of them.

Our story is about the cutest little puppy whose name is Brown. Quite an unconventional name, but one he has grown to love in his short years. With four other brothers and sisters, he doesn't seem to stand out much. Though in his cute puppy eyes one can see his desire to run around in the grass, and have a chew toy of his very own. Saturday mornings are his favorite days, because he gets to see all the children rush up to the windows to try to convince their parents to buy them a friendly companion. Oh how he hopes and dreams that one day he could have a master of his very own to protect and to love. His brothers and sisters all agree that one day they will be adopted, and though they will be separated, they will always be together in spirit. For they are a close family, being they are all they have, that is until the day they find a home.

One by one Brown's brothers and sisters are chosen by children and couples. Each was chosen until it was only Brown left. The owner of the shop took care of Brown, but he seemed to have troubles of his own. When the children would come in, oh how his tail would wag. His whole body would convulse on his excitement, as if to say "today is the day, today I will find a home." The children would pet him and kiss him. One particular child would say: "Oh I want to just take you home," but he never did, no one seemed to want Brown, and as he got older, his faith would wane. He began to think no one would want him at all, that he would stay in his glass home forever. After a while he wouldn't even wag his tail, he even stopped noticing people coming in at all. His only friend it seemed was the old shop owner, who began noticing poor Brown less and less.

After a while the old man would miss feedings, and never bothered to bring more animals into his shop. He even started just giving his little friends away, he never smiled anymore, and looked bald and frail. Some days he wouldn't come in at all. Brown became a very sad puppy who was turning in to a very sad dog. No body wants to have a sad dog as a companion. Brown missed his brothers and sisters, and started to miss the old man even more. Brown would go days without eating, and even when he was fed he wasn't really all that hungry anymore. Until one day something curious happened, two men in blue jumpsuits walked in to the pet shop, with determined looks as if there were looking for something.

"It's a shame really, he was just about as old as my dad. What a way to go, with no family, it's amazing he still ran this place," one of the men said as the other nodded. They didn't seem to notice Brown, and he couldn't blame them, why would anyone notice a sad dog, who looked as if he hasn't eaten in weeks. The men started picking up dusty cages and various other items in the store when one of them stopped and stared at Brown. "That is sad, this poor dog was left here to starve," Brown looked up at this curious gentlemen, "Leave it alone, call the pound, it's just an old dog, he probably doesn't have long, Hell, he could be diseased for all you know." Brown just laid his head back down, because he could tell in the man's voice he wasn't wanted, and who could blame him. Suddenly he felt something he hasn't felt in what seemed like ages, a hand rubbing his head and then scratching his ears. "Naw, I know what to do, everyone needs a home and someone to care for, he just needs food and a friend," just as he said that he grabbed a plastic bone that squeaked "here you go fella, your very own chew toy."


Ya want somthin' happy you fuckin' prick?!

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